On Sunday night we had the first rain we’ve had in several months. This was refreshing not only for the earth, but I feel it was symbolic to what is happening at IMM. We were in a season of transition; we had staff retire and move to different places in ministry, so we were all doing jobs (and still do) that are not typically part of our job description.

However, that’s a good thing.

We have been stretched individually and corporately, growing in the new things God is doing through this ministry.

Right now, we have four short-term workers. They haven’t been here very long, but they have accomplished so much. We are also thankful that the Gregorys have joined IMM and the Desrosiers will be here soon. The experiences they bring to IMM will be an incredible addition to our team.

The rains have come to IMM! So far this year, we have done projects and translations in 17 languages, with plans to do translations in languages that have not yet heard the gospel.

It is truly amazing to see new things happen to find out God was working behind-the-scenes. Please continue to pray for God to give us new opportunities.