The Heritage Project is eight 30-minute stories (four stories in 2017 and four in 2018) from the first five centuries after Christ walked the earth. It’s about people whose influence on Christianity is still seen today! This docu-drama will show stories of people who set a high standard, sacrificing for Jesus Christ under persecution as the Roman empire fell apart.  This all took place in North Africa! Often Islamic societies give the impression to their people that everyone there has always been Muslim, and within their religious rules they cannot convert. It’s not possible. These faith stories are lost to the local culture. We must tell them or they won’t hear how far God’s love will go.

Cyprian, Victor, Tertullian, Perpetua and Felicitas, Scillitan Martyrs, Antony, Quodvultdeus, and Augustine — originating in Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia emphatically and historically show a vibrant Christian community — before Islam was even a thought. Their HERITAGE is Christianity!

We have permission to shoot in a Terra Mitica Theme Park, Living History Museums, and historic sites.

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