Over the years, God has given me a heart for people in many places of the world.  Doing missions work in many countries, attending universities and working with people from many nations, receiving prayer and financial requests from missions organizations and missionaries all have had a deep impact on my mind.   Years ago during a missions convention, the leaders gave me an assignment of praying for Kurdish people.  Now, I can assist International (IMM) personnel who are preparing gospel videos for the Kurds.

God has used various means of getting me to focus on North Africa.  For six years, the bosses at my job were a couple from Egypt.  During my freshman year of college, I was fascinated when I met a student from Libya. I received heartbreaking prayer requests about the former conflict in Sudan.  God gave me a desire to reach Moroccan people when I went on a five country tour in Europe that was led by a Moroccan man.   When taking an AGTS missions course, I learned that many people in North Africa had been Christians before the onslaught of Islam.  At IMM, we are working on videos for people in North Africa.

Living in Germany and traveling in Europe caused me to long to see revival here.  IMM’s videos reach Europeans; this includes a movie viewed in secular theaters in Spain.The conflict in the Middle East burdens me.  Jesus said that people would think that they were doing service to God a favor by killing his followers (John 16:2).  This is happening.  What can be done besides praying?  IMM has been working to create videos in Arabic; one went viral to 2.5 million people.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will use his word in the videos to draw people to Jesus.