As Director of IMM, I am for the first time attending a General Council and we are also doing our annual board meeting after the event. 

The council is a gathering of pastors and church representatives from all over the USA to decide policies, celebrate, and seek God. I never thought of myself as part of the official crowd, but I find myself there now. 

I'm out of touch with the US church world after living overseas--this time for four years. Nearly 12 in total if I add them up. I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat of the US churches and pastors. I'm also looking forward to air conditioning! 

But it's a little like a kid's first day at a new school, I don't know how it works, and I hope people like me. The good thing is I know IMM has a lot of great stories to tell. 

Some of the current projects we're working on at IMM include stories in North African heart languages, French translations, and isolated regional dialects in Eurasia. It will be fun to talk about and it will be great to give our board an update.

If you're coming to council, please look me up. Or if you know a pastor coming, please connect me. I will plan to have some treats with me to share and some stories worth hearing. You can also send me an email ( for a meet up and I'll buy you a coffee. I'll be the one with the IMM shirt on!