Our Vision

For over 35 years, International Media Ministries has been telling the story of a God who changes lives. This story of hope is being shared in almost 70 languages through films, one-minute social media conversation starters, short Biblically-based videos, radio programs, and media training. Our goal is to see Jesus on every screen, and we endeavor to share Him with millions everywhere in a way that is easily accessible, creative, thought-provoking and inspiring. 


Our purpose at IMM is to partner with missionaries, national churches, and media outlets to produce both mainstream and new media pieces, to train others in specific skills, and to mentor a new generation in media missions.

Our Core Values

honoring jesus

We seek to honor Jesus by endeavoring to know Him and His plans for the people He has asked us to reach. We strive to make His name known everywhere and by any means we can.

prioritizing people and outreach

Bringing people into the knowledge of a relationship with the Lord is our ultimate goal, and we prioritize our time and resources to make that dream a reality. 

pursuing collaboration and excellence

We aim for excellence every day, from the routine tasks to the larger productions and storytelling opportunities, and we highly value our partnerships with national relationships and team members who are instrumental in our operations.

nurturing creativity and innovation

We are committed to using the right technology to produce visionary material. We believe that our ability to create is a gift from the Holy Spirit, and we treat it as a privilege to design content that brings people closer to Him.

committing to effectiveness and improvement

Continuous advancement in technology is always our goal, and we are committed to improving with each product that comes out of our doors. 

IMM is more than just a workplace; it is an incredible opportunity to change people’s lives, and we highly value the opportunity to do what we do. We are generous while being the best stewards we can be of the resources God has given us.

valuing passion and fiscal integrity