highlighting the women in the line of christ

The Women of the Bible series has been a continuing project at IMM since 2009. The goal of the series is to reach out to Muslim women, victims of human trafficking, and women in harsh situations who simply are searching for love and peace in their lives.

Women of the Bible - Bathsheba

The final film in the Women of the Bible: The Line of Christ series, Bathsheba highlights the story of someone who's life gets completely taken off track, but in the end is redeemed by God, who brings new life where sin had brought destruction.

Tamar: A Life Restored

God filled the Bible with emotional stories with eternal impact. These stories demonstrate how much an infinite God cares for people. God's promise to Judah was that the Messiah would come from his line, but it seemed that death and loss plagued Tamar. Watch and see our dramatic interpretation of how God redeemed Tamar's broken life and paved the way for the coming of Jesus. 

Rahab: A Life Reclaimed

Rahab is the story of a poor and outcast prostitute living life on the edge of a fortress city. Taking a chance on a new and different God, she risks everything and it changes her life forever. Rahab's life is liberated from bondage, death and darkness. Through her story, she learns that an even an outcast can be a part of God's plan.