I'm one of our IMM team located in the U.S. One of the main ways we serve is in mentoring and training emerging visual storytellers in other cultures. This is especially strategic in places where foreigners may not be able to live and serve long-term. I leave soon for a trip back to a very large and strategic Muslim country to help our more advanced students produce a new short film project. 

Our goal through multiple trainings is to help raise up a generation of filmmakers who can tell compelling visual stories and form the foundation of a Christian presence in the media culture of this overwhelmingly Muslim country. 

We have been working on story ideas this spring and will help our small group of students experience a professional film production process. We emphasize readily-available tools and culturally-appropriate methods and stories and we want to help them grow in their skills and vision for what they can do on their own. This is a partnership between our team, the local church in the country, and other volunteers and partner organizations who work together.

Please pray for a great experience for our students in learning more professional techniques to make films. Pray also for safety for our team and for our families as we are away from home.