July and August have been very productive months as three wonderful interns from the U.S. have been working along side us.  I think about and pray regularly the words of Jesus from Matthew 7 where he tells us to “pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send workers to the field.” And He did that in a perfect way this summer as we worked on a number of projects:

  • We assisted Gary Wilkinson with his documentary about Easter.
  • We have fixed, exported, and delivered many lingering projects in other languages including Arabic, Romanian, Spanish and English.
  • We did pre-production work on the “Education of Samir”, an agnostic Arab, for Arab World Ministries.
  • We made strides in updating the imm.edu website to reflect who we are as well as better utilizing some social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo, including Vimeo On-Demand.
  • We filmed 5 pieces for promotional use by our IMM missionaries and partners in North America and Europe.

One such piece was born out of that idea of harvest being so close to God’s heart and something that media can play a role in. My sister-in-law reminded me of an old hymn called “Bringing in the Sheaves”.

The repeating line is “We shall come rejoicing / Bringing in the sheaves.”

First, it is so important that we are indeed bringing in the sheaves and seeing a harvest. But what was reaffirmed to me by that old song was that we need to be laboring in the fields with an attitude of rejoicing and gladness for what God is doing!

Please pray for us that we would continue to be faithful to deliver the message that God has entrusted to us. In the next weeks, we are planning to film the “Education of Samir” and deliver it to the web in the Arab World. We also are working diligently to be prepared for the production of Tamar, the next installment in the Women of the Bible series.

Thank you all for your prayer and support!