One of the things I'm working on this week is our next training in a major Eurasian country. Our Denver Office Team has been working to raise up a new generation of visual storytellers in this important Muslim region.

We want to equip a new generation of young believers to tell their own stories of faith through short visual stories on the web.

Of course we know how important visual stories are to a global audience, especially youth. Our basic filmmaking workshops usually last four days and include instruction in camera, lighting, and audio production as well as story/script development for short film projects. We emphasize the use of very simple production equipment, including mobile phones as cameras.

Our next training will be in early June. I'll be bringing a friend who is an instructor at Full Sail University (a really great film school) to be my co-teacher. This will be our 4th workshop, with another planned in the fall.

Thanks for your prayers as we plan and travel. If you'd like to learn more and perhaps even be a part of a future trip, drop us a line.