Right now I'm rendering a shot from Rahab in scene nine that marks the halfway point for the colossal compositing process. This clip is 313 frames long and comes in at about 13 seconds. I am being stretched.

In replacing the green screen with a background of the interior of Rahab's tiny room, I am dealing with some challenging obstacles. Watch the camera movement. Now watch the tracking markers on the far wall and how they move at a different pace from the "stone" window frame. Notice that there is a corner in this "room" that I must create. Notice that other than the tiny lamp there is no object that remains in view for the entire shot. Notice the ladder rungs that cut across the first half of the shot. Notice the glimpses of the studio beyond the green screen that must be manually cut out. Notice the wide range of green represented in this shot. You have dark greens like a fine mossy bank and nearly white greens with touches of yellow on the underside of the wooden ladder. I can do this. I will do this. There is no other option.

Challenges like these point me once again to the tool of prayer. I have so many times for solutions to new problems that I suspect God will place a "prayer icon"  on the compositing program just beneath the animation curve editor button.

In our self-sufficiency we believe that we are capable of handling all challenges that come our way, even post-production related challenges. However, with prayer and listening in the quiet hour just before I get our of bed, I usually have a new plan of attack. With God, the most creative One, I can do this. I will do this.