A popular saying is “It’s hard to know where you’ve come from if you don’t know where you’ve been.” Understanding our heritage and where we’ve come from helps us to know who we are. For years people have searched courthouse records for any information about relatives.  Today with a simple DNA test, they can pinpoint your heritage to a close proximity of where your ancestors came from.

The heritage of the church is no different. For the first 400 years following Christ, North Africa was the powerhouse of Christianity.  Many people gave their lives for the cause of Christ. Others developed the theology that is still being used in the church today.

Built upon the sacrifices of the North Africans and those since then is the movement now being seen – going to all nations that all may hear, that all may know, that all may experience the love of Jesus Christ that has washed away our sins.  May I remind you, know where you’ve come from. Understand where you’ve been. In a few short years, we will be part of the heritage that Christians talk about.