It's been a nice (almost) two months living in Spain so far. I'm settling in and IMM is abuzz with excitement. We are starting to film the second season of The Heritage Project. This project has always made me so excited because it highlights the early Christians from Northern Africa and the cause of Christianity that they fought and died for. While Ghana (where I grew up as a missionary kid) isn't technically North Africa, it shows the courage of the people of Africa who fought for what they believed in.

The first season is not completely finished, but it is in post-production right now. Yesterday we started the first day of filming the second season. It's so exciting to see all the hard work of pre-production coming together. The costumes and props we've spent days and days on are finding their way onto actors and sets.

Please pray for everyone who is here to have strength and peace of mind to make it through a very intense filming schedule!