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This week, our production team is on location in the desert of southern Spain working on The Heritage Project. We are here—in the same location that Lawrence of Arabia was filmed—to tell the story of Anthony, Desert Father of Egypt.

Born into a wealthy family, Anthony followed Christ’s instructions to the rich young ruler. He sold all he had and gave it to the poor. Living in solitude in the desert, Anthony modeled self-sacrifice. He ministered to persecuted and imprisoned Christians. When many Egyptian Christians were swayed by Arianism (a heresy that said Christ was created and not divine), he journeyed and championed the truth of Christ’s deity.

Just as God called Anthony to a life of seclusion and service, we have been called to tell his story. We work with with crew and actors and equipment and costumes. We face challenges and illnesses. Yet, I know that we have other team members and partners who are standing with us and praying for us everyday.

I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy. I am happy because you have joined me in spreading the good news. You have done so from the first day until now.
— Philippians 1:3-4