When I think about people who are used mightily of God, I usually think about people who are well-known: Billy Graham, Keith Green, Francis Chan. People like this have a platform from which they can encourage and mobilize others, increasing their impact far beyond that which one person can do. 

But this month, we are telling the story of a normal, run-of-the-mill couple who heard God's voice and took a step of faith that will change the state of the Gospel in their country forever. These people had come to Christ, but had never met another Christian before. Their country, Montenegro, has only 150 known evangelical Christians, and 4 churches, none of which are within driving distance of their city. One night, they heard the voice of God, and got on a bus to travel 21 hours to Vienna, Austria, to meet the pastor they had been listening to on the Internet for a year. 

Pastor Larry Henderson, of Vienna Christian Center, was so moved by their story that he had to help. So after some research and planning, we are preparing to help accelerate the work in Montenegro, a country that has never had an Assemblies of God missionary living there. And we are only a piece of what God is doing--several other national fellowships in Italy, Albania, and even the Pentecostal European Fellowship, are simultaneously focusing on Montenegro to accelerate the Gospel there. 

God is moving here in Europe. Things may be dark at times, but the dawn is coming. Please watch and enjoy this clip from our forthcoming January 2017 release of the film, "21 Hours to Change Montenegro."