Recently, we did a short video entitled 'Tell Me'. This video illustrated how we can communicate the Gospel with Europeans. We believe that media is key in reaching people here in Europe and, ultimately, worldwide.

Many refugee camps and sensitive countries are using our HopeBox. The HopeBox is a wifi hotspot that is battery-operated and smaller than a cell phone. It is loaded with tons of content like videos that share who Jesus is and copies of the Bible in text and audio formats.

Not only is the HopeBox being used in refugee camps, but it is also being used by missionaries in cafes all over Europe. We have the content translated into six languages so all can hear the good news.

These days people use their phone for everything from communication to planning, taking pictures to playing a game. The use of media is at an all-time high. I am especially proud of the 'Tell Me' video and the HopeBox. The video demonstrates the unheard cry of someone who is seeking answers; the HopeBox is a way these questions can be answered.

Thank you for supporting us as we strive to put Jesus on every screen!

Be blessed,