One of the objectives IMM has set for itself is to share the wealth of our experience as media producers. One way we do this is to teach media production classes. Over the past four years I have had the privilege to travel to Indian Bible College in Flagstaff, Arizona and spend a week or two teaching things like classes on PowerPoint, camera operation, lighting, editing, etc...

One of the things we try to do is, as soon as possible-either the first or second day, get the students actually using the equipment and producing something.

ne of the challenges I’ve faced is that most of the students don’t own a computer…which makes it challenging to teach media production! Early this year a local ministry donated 10 used laptops. It's been great having the laptops for the students to use! They've been able to work on PowerPoint projects as well as begun editing the two scene scenario we are shooting in the photo to the left.

Thank for your prayers for both myself and the students.