At IMM, we have a library of tapes with previously recorded videos such as the Open the Gospel series. Using the Teranex, I am able to play old videotapes and record them in widescreen digital format.

IMM personnel have spent thousands of hours writing scripts, creating period specific costumes and props, hiring actors, and shooting the videos. In the past, they recorded the videos on tapes. These videotapes that carry the priceless message of the gospel are in danger of sticking together and becoming unusable. With the Teranex, I am able to preserve the videos.

After using the Teranex to reformat the videos, some of them that are in languages such as Farsi can be used immediately. For example, IMM personnel can upload the videos to a device called the Hope Box. The Hope Box is a router from which refugees and others who are hungry for God’s Word can download videos, Bibles, and teaching on their telephones. Other videos are in music and effects (M & E) format. These are ready to take into another country so that an IMM team member can work with people there to translate the video script into their language and record it. After working to record the video, the people it that country can broadcast it or we can upload it into the Hope Box. I am thankful to have a part in using the videos to spread God’s Word.