Just like the Iron Curtain, we are seeing the walls of Islam begin to crumble. One of the videos we produced this year for a like-minded organization was put up on various social media sites. (You can view it here: Laila: Looking for a Miracle)

Over a one month period, there were over 22,000 views of the video from people who live in the Arabian Gulf. The aim was to discover people who identified with the story told in the video, engage them in personal contact, and encourage as many as possible to begin meeting together in private chat room groups where their questions and concerns could be discussed and answered. 

Disillusioned Muslims are searching for answers. Unfortunately, in many places the truth of the Gospel is still hidden from them. Leslie and I want to say a hearty thank you for your partnership in making this possible; seeing the good news of Christ delivered via media to every last dark corner on the earth.