A few weeks ago in a dream, I saw a purple plant bulb that recently had been placed in the ground.  I overheard men walking around, using shovels.  They were saying, “We are supposed to plant the musulmanes.” They were digging the bulbs from one area and planting them in another.   As I was looking at the purple bulb, I awoke and realized that musulmanes is not the name of a type of plant, it is the Spanish word for Muslims.  Later, I discovered that the plant bulb that I was seeing was actually garlic. 

What I was experiencing in the dream left me with the impression that it is God’s purpose to plant Muslims in Europe.  One of the people groups that are being transplanted to Europe are the the Kurds.

Years ago, after agreeing to pray for a people group during a missions convention, I was given a paper with the name Kurmanji on it.  When I read about these people who speak the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish, I discovered that they were living much as they had for hundreds of years.  They traveled little and used traditional farming methods.  I was wondering how missionaries could present the gospel to these people.  With the massive population shifts that have occurred recently, there are now about 800,000 Kurdish people living in Germany.  

We need to ask God to continue to show us what he wants us to do to reach these new inhabitants of Europe.  Surely, he wants us to work together, collaborate, and share resources.   IMM recently supplied people who minister in a refugee camp with a portable wifi transmitter that we call a HopeBox.  Refugees were able to download the Bible and other resources on their phones.  Several received salvation.  I pray that we will have more opportunities to use this evangelistic tool and others that we have developed.