They say you can´t teach an old dog new tricks… Coming to Spain and attempting to learn a new language in my 50s is proving to be a fun challenge. Whether you consider 50 to be old or not, I am finding that putting new things in my brain and getting them to stick is harder than it used to be! BUT I love a challenge.

In addition to learning a new language, I have taken on a whole new “profession.”  Before coming to IMM, I had been a K-12 music teacher and a mom. Upon arriving I asked, “What can I do here?” The answer wasn´t long in coming. “Can you keep financial books?”  I had been a bookkeeper in the past, but that was a very long time ago. So not only am I learning Spanish, but learning all about finances as well. A very steep learning curve, indeed.

When God calls, He doesn´t say it is going to be easy, but certainly it is going to be an ADVENTURE! I am so grateful that I have been given skills that can be useful to HIS work here at IMM. The stretching and growing is not without discomfort and even sometimes pain, but I am so glad that God chose me and is willing to work with me.

IMM is always looking for people who are up for an adventure. While most of the tasks at IMM have to do with media and technology, even a music teacher can prove to be useful!

As an “old dog” trying to learn new things, I say, “Bring it on!” God is not finished with me yet!

Are you up for an ADVENTURE?