I have had the privilege of seeing much of the world. This has given me an exposure to many cultures. Growing up in Michigan, I was able to visit Canada on various occasions. With my high school French Club, we traveled by train to Quebec City. My first missions trip outside America was a life ­changing AIM trip to Mombasa, Kenya. My ventures into the former Soviet Union include Kazakhstan, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia. Having lived in Germany for three years helps me to see Europe as my second home. My first taste of Latin America was a visit to missionaries in Belize. In Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panamá, Dominican Republic, and Colombia, I did children's ministry in many schools and churches with teams from Victory Church, Lakeland, Florida. I continue to give thanks that I was able to travel through Israel, gaining insight about the Bible and Middle Eastern culture.

My travels, prayer requests received from all over the world, language studies, missionary presentations, people that I have known from different countries, and reading I have done, cause me to view myself as an international person. Although I do not have a background in media, when the application specialist encouraged me to consider International Media Ministries, I could identify with ministering internationally. Now, when I work on a video that IMM sends, for instance, to Albania, I feel the urgency for people in that part of the world to receive the gospel. We need to continue to pray that as IMM makes the good news of life in Jesus available to every person, on every screen, the Holy Spirit will draw them powerfully.