Tasha wavered in her decision to end it all, to go ahead and jump into the oncoming traffic! Suddenly the phone in her pocket started ringing…she didn’t recognize the number…but went ahead and answered it anyway. A strange yet distantly familiar voice greeted her. She hopped down off the railing she had been standing on, the one she was going to use to launch herself into the oncoming traffic, and said, "Who is this?"

This is one of the true stories some of our Turkish students told via video after completing our basic video production course. There have been over 1,000 viewings of this short film. You can watch the whole four minute story - in English at: https://vimeo.com/89915931

We are really excited to see that some of the videos we've been creating for Arab World Media have been getting lots of views on YouTube, Facebook, etc. We have more than 270,000 views from just 4 of the videos we created last year. Please pray that those statistics will translate into deeper relationships for discipleship in Christ.