why mobile technology?

We live in an age where connection is everything. People are rarely separated from their smartphones. Even refugees, displaced from everything that is familiar, are in search of three things: Food, water, and Wi-Fi. At IMM, we are leveraging the power of mobile technology as a platform to bring people the hope of Jesus. 

hopebox: the gospel on any device

The HopeBox is a personal evangelism tool that allows a worker to connect those searching for Jesus with dozens of resources in their own language, including video clips, films, and Bible downloads. It is a secure Wi-Fi router with a range of up to 50 feet in any direction, allowing multiple people to stream and download content at one time. It is an excellent tool for use in coffee shops, buses, and any public places where people with personal mobile devices are looking for a Wi-Fi signal.


HopeBox Vital Stats: 

  • More than 60 units have been deployed
  • Currently in use in 12 countries
  • Interface and content in 7 languages
Everyone is searching for connection. And HopeBox is a great way to connect those seeking to the One they are looking for.