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Internships at IMM


Internships at IMM

the experience of a lifetime

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Real Production Experience

Interns at IMM jump right into the production workflow, working with experienced personnel and world-class equipment. Regardless of whether you're an editor, designer, or jack of all trades, there is a place for you here.

Beautiful Surroundings

IMM is located in Madrid province in the center of Spain, surrounded by beautiful mountains and historical landmarks. You'll have the opportunity to explore while you're here, and possibly see other places in Spain or Europe.

Make a Lasting Impact

Your internship doesn't end when you leave IMM. The projects you work on will have a lifespan of years or even decades as our products are translated and broadcast all over the world. Your service will impact millions with the Gospel.

About Internships

About Internships

who are imm internships for?

Whether you need course credit or want to give a few months to the Lord after graduation, an internship at IMM is a great way to have cross-cultural experiences while reaching millions with the Gospel. 

what is an internship at imm like?

Interns at IMM perform a wide range of tasks, tailored to each person's skill set and interests. They also are an integral part of the team from day one. IMM internships don't involve making coffee (unless it's for yourself), and you will do a whole lot of production. If you are an editor, you'll edit. If you are interested in lighting, you'll do lighting design on shoots. 

Our recent interns have been assistant directors, 1st ACs, script supervisors, and production assistants on set, as well as serving in editing, motion graphics, foley, and audio post-production. 

Not a media person? IMM has many other areas in which you can serve, besides media. We are actively seeking interns who are studying accounting, administration, and a variety of other areas. 

where are imm internships?

IMM internships take place at our headquarters outside of Madrid, Spain. Our location is in a suburban neighborhood, with easy access to cities such as Madrid and Alcalá de Henares. 


Spanish is spoken everywhere, though you will find a few folks who either speak English or learned it in school and can understand some. It'll go a long way if you learn some Spanish words to be able to communicate with people in stores and on the streets. 


Spanish food is seasonal, regional, and reasonable in price. While mealtimes are quite different than in the US, restaurants are great places to meet friends and experience some Spanish culture. If you'll be staying at IMM, you'll have access to a fully-equipped kitchen to prepare your meals. Let us know if you have food allergies and we'll help you learn the words so you can find what you need (there are lots of gluten and lactose free options everywhere!). 


Transportation is frequently available for you to get to the train station, supermarkets, and other places you might like to go. There is also access to public transportation close to IMM, and there are things like a market, restaurants, bank, and hair salon nearby.


The official currency is Spain is the Euro. You don't need to bring cash with you to exchange, as there are ATMs everywhere. Check with your bank on their out-of-network or international ATM fees. You can also use a credit card in most places, so if you'd like to do that, make sure you have a card with no foreign transaction fees. 

IMM internships can vary in length, depending on your school's requirements and the time you have available. We typically host students from one month to a full semester. The actual cost of an internship at IMM will vary, but we have sample costs to help you figure out how much your internship may cost. 

One Month Internship (based on single room housing)

Housing: $450/month

Personal Expenses (food, transportation, personal items, spending money): $130/week

Insurance: $135/month

Total cost (minus airfare): $1,105

Round trip airfare from the United States typically runs around $1,100. 


how much does an imm internship cost?


Raise Funds

Your internship at IMM is a missions experience. We encourage our interns to reach out to their network of friends, family, and church connections to raise a portion or all of the costs associated with their internship. You can't put a price on prayer and emotional support you have when you have a team who stand behind you. 


If you'll be staying in Spain less than three months, you will enter the country as a tourist and don't need to apply for a visa of any kind. If you'll be doing a longer internship for a full semester, we will help guide you through the visa process that may involve a visit to a Spanish consulate in your geographical region. 


Dress around the office is casual. In the summer, Spain is very hot (95-100+ degrees in July and August), so you'll want to be prepared with summer clothing. The remainder of the year is very temperate (think South Carolina, without the humidity) with occasional rain in the fall and spring. At church, you'll want to wear business casual attire. 


Our work at IMM reaches into some of the darkest places in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. For that reason, we frequently encounter spiritual warfare while doing production. If God is leading you to have a big impact on His kingdom, even while fulfilling school requirements, pray about how God can use you at IMM. 

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