As I sit at my kitchen table in the stillness of late evening, my kids finally asleep and the heat of the day broken by a gentle cool breeze through the window, my mind returns to a recent moment captured in time - a moment of decision, a recommitment to the call that I first responded to as a young twenty-year old, a call to go where God wanted me to go, to do what He wanted me to do. 

The decision at forty-something looked and felt so very different from the one I made at twenty. At twenty, my heart bubbling over with the excitement of the adventure ahead, I was giddy with the knowledge that God had chosen me, had trusted me with an impossible task. This time though, the decision was weightier, colored by an awareness of the cost, and an appreciation for the difficulties that invariably lay ahead. Yet, in the end, my feet inexorably carried me to the front of the auditorium to place my commitment card at the altar. Why? It is a question I have asked myself recently, as we have started over in a new country, learning a new language and culture - this time with two toddlers in tow. The answer, however, remains the same as over twenty years ago when I was a young, naïve, and inexperienced twenty-year old– it is because there are still those who are lost without knowledge of our Savior, Jesus. There are those who suffer, who are lonely, distressed, widowed, orphaned, and abandoned. Others feel hopeless, are trapped in their sins, and see no way out. I have knowledge that they need! God has entrusted me with the Gospel, the good news of His son!

So, here we are, serving God in Spain alongside the IMM team, striving to put Jesus on every screen. What an impossible task, but what a big God we serve! Together, we can ensure that people hear the good news and receive the hope that only Jesus can give. Are you with us?