Today, I want to share my take on a philosophical book that recently I’ve been enlightened to understand.  The story is called The Three Little Pigs.

We live in a world where speed is everything.  The fastest cars, the fastest hard drives, the most powerful processors – so we can get done faster and move on in life.  I would like to think that the first little pig was like that. He gathered the first thing he came across that he could build a house from, with no thought really to how it would stand up during storms.  

The second little pig was patient for a little bit but quickly got frustrated by the waiting and chose the next thing he came across.

The third little pig waited till he found the right material for his house that would stand up during storms.

Often, we tend to be like the first or second pig in a hurry to get things done, and it can sometimes come back to bite us.  Jesus says, “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore, be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.  The enemy is always trying to detour us and knock us off track. He uses our weaknesses like being impatient, fear, and pride these are things that will cause us to rush the perfect plan that God has for us.” (Matthew 10:16)

In today’s world, we can be in such a hurry to share the gospel, (as quickly as possible with no thought in doing it well) we miss an important element. We have to be strategic in sharing of the gospel.  IMM has been around for over thirty years. During that time relationships have been formed, and doors have opened to share the Gospel on a greater scale than we could have imagined.  Today, IMM products are being shown on three satellite channels, and we’ve been able to produce materials in many languages. 

I challenge you today to be like the third little pig.  Build those relationships. Do the hard work of building with strong materials. Then, when the wolves come around, your brick house will be able to withstand their huffs and puffs, and with God’s foundation under you, it will stand.