Ragna and Christopher Gornold-Smith with actors in costumes sewn by Ragna.

This week our team at IMM was met with some bittersweet news. Our dear friend and sister in Christ, Ragna Gornold-Smith, went to be with our Lord on July 1, 2019. While not all of us were able to know her personally, we are well aware of the impact that Ragna has had on us and hundreds of other people. 

Ragna and her husband, Christopher, have helped create most of the costumes and pieces that IMM has used in our history-based videos. Ragna worked tirelessly to make sure that every costume she worked on was done with excellence. At one time, she showed our leader Denise a costume that she had hand stitched. When asked why she didn’t just machine sew the piece since no one would be able to see the difference, Ragna replied, “I would know and Jesus would. I’m doing it for him.” Her meticulous and precise work has been worn by many different actors who did not realize the amount of love, work, and prayer that went into making what they wore. 

Ragna is a model that we should all aspire to be like. After years of hard work, she has finally received her crown of glory. Her work was impeccable even when no one else would have noticed. In the same way, we too should work with diligence, even in the small things. We may not always be aware of the impact that we have on people. Our duty as Christians is to work with the same dedication that Ragna did so that one day we too might be welcomed into Heaven with those words well done good and faithful servant. 

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31