Kerry and I recently attended the Centennial celebration of our home district of Kansas. So many themes of faithfulness have been rolling around in my head because of this. It is a fruit of the spirit and a favorite with me. None of us serves God or lives in a vacuum. We support and encourage one another in many ways. That changes as lives and circumstance evolve around us but all along it requires God to sustain us in faithfulness which maybe isn't glamorous but it is so marvelous. 

We are so glad for IMM's 37 years and our time to get to be part of serving here. Think of all the faithfulness that has been on display for this to be a fact. It will be amazing to hear all the stories of people who saw a video on a satellite network or on a phone screen and found Jesus one day when we celebrate in heaven.

On this theme, I thought I'd share this video we did for the 100th Anniversary of Kansas Assemblies of God and I add to this, "Thank YOU!" (since the video was addressed to the Kansas District). 

Keep praying, keep serving, God is faithful and loves when we walk in that with him!