If you would’ve told me last summer that by the following February I would be living in Spain working with a media ministry for two months, I probably would’ve looked at you funny. The saying has never been truer that God works in mysterious ways! I came with an expectation to learn where I could and help where needed in whatever area was necessary, and I have not been disappointed! Thus far, I have worked on many projects ranging from carpentry and photo editing to prop repair and others.


Today I was faced with an overall theme for the day: cutting out the junk. While working on a small woodworking job this morning, I was tasked with enlarging some holes to allow thicker poles to pass through. Requiring several different tools and much time, the final result was a much cleaner and better fit. This afternoon I was taught how to Photoshop pictures and to cut out the background, leaving a neat and clear image by itself. It brought to mind how every day there is junk we need to cut out. The final result will always be a cleaner and more pleasing product than before, and this is God’s wish for us: that we might be a cleaner and clearer version of ourselves after we have eliminated the trash that tarnishes our character. I am grateful for IMM and their mission to provide mediums through which people can come to recognize the message of Christ and the hope that is found in Him.