Cast and IMM team members at the premiere

Well, it’s done. Bathsheba has been taking us for quite a ride over the last 10 months. Now this story is done for all to see how God can breath new life into anything.

We had about 100 people at the premiere on Sunday in Puerta del Sol; the heart of Madrid. Most of the actors and extras came to celebrate with us, as well as some of our missionary family and friends of IMM. We thank you for your kind words and support of this incredible story.

Jorge, the actor who portrayed the prophet Nathan, told us, “Yo estaba a punto de llorar!” That means he was almost in tears because the story moved him so much. Please pray for Jorge that he finds God! 

We have made ourselves available to all the actors and extras who don’t know Jesus. The conversations we had with the actors during the production were wonderful. The Holy Spirit was so tangible and undeniable. We want them to know Him! 

That’s one of my favorite part of our ministries; we get to witness to a world that would otherwise go unevangelized. Please pray for us to have more opportunities with these actors and others to share the Good News of Jesus.

Now we will translate this story and the other three stories from the Women of the Bible series into Arabic and French for the Arab world. Thank you for praying for this project and celebrating with us on its completion. But most of all, thank for praying with as we strive to put Jesus on every screen so all can hear!