We got up at 6:00 a.m., took the early commuter train into the city, and boarded the long-distance train that would take us close to the international border. In a corner of the train station, we handed over a new shipment of HopeBoxes to a courier, who would carry them over the border and deliver them to the national church leadership in the destination country.

This trip had been set in motion several months ago when we had provided the church leadership in the destination country with a HopeBox to test its usefulness in evangelism in rural areas. As in many places in the world, most people in their country have cell phones, even in rural areas. But while they have cell phones, many don’t have access to data and so people are always looking for a wifi connection.

The HopeBox is a simple personal evangelism device carried in the pocket of a worker and provides a wifi connection to anyone within approximately 50 ft. (for example, in a coffee shop, or in a bus). They work anywhere in the world and no internet access is required. Loaded on the HopeBox are Bibles, a variety of video and audio content, and other material that helps to explain the Hope of the message of the Gospel within the context of the local language and culture! Anyone connecting to a HopeBox can watch, read, or download any of the content to their phone. There is also a small contact form allowing the worker to follow-up and continue to help people on their journey to faith in Christ.

The sample HopeBox, previously provided, has been used for a few months and it has been found to be helpful to them and so we were asked to provide more devices for workers in that country. Every day more phones are purchased, each one is an access point into someone’s life and another opportunity to "Put Jesus on Every Screen."