I sat down last week to record my thoughts on the Bathsheba story for the composer who will create music. The actors spoke in Spanish for these stories so the composer always asks me to narrate the story explaining the ideas behind the scenes so that he can create music to accent what the action.

The idea is for me to make the story clearer for him. 

I realized that it is what we do in media and in missions. We take God's stories from the Bible and we dramatize them, we make them clear, to reach a hurting heart. Or we take a testimony in someone's life and amplify it so that more and more people will hear the good news of God's forgiveness and power at work. Or we use a drama that shines clearly the light of God's salvation in a way a person can see God  - maybe for the very first time.

God gives us all talents and abilities to bring to the kingdom. He has called our team to use media to make his story clearer and to send it across the world through satellite, internet, and terrestrial delivery methods that carry a clear message even to places where a believer can't easily go.