I have been in Spain for about 6 weeks and have about 6 weeks until I leave.  This has been a great experience. For my first time out of the United States, it has been eye opening to become immersed into the Spanish culture.

Being in Spain, the biggest struggle for me is the language barrier.  The culture is a large adjustment that I have had to learn and adapt to, from awkward moments when I learned the Spanish greeting (a kiss on each cheek) to the late meal times.

I came to work for IMM to complete an Internship as the final requirements of my Bachelor’s Degree in Recording Arts through North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I am excited for what I have been doing here and the projects coming down the line. I have had the opportunity thus far to work with English, Spanish, Albanian, and coming up soon, Bulgarian.  It’s exciting to know that the work I’ve been doing at IMM is going to be heard by people around the world.

It’s exciting the way God is using IMM to give people around the world access to Jesus.  I’ve been told that IMM will have created content in about 17 languages this year alone. That’s amazing and truly humbling to be apart of some of those language pieces.

I am excited for the rest of my time here and for the impact that it might have on people’s lives.

by Joey Nance