International Media Ministries’ Women of the Bible stories use visual effects that have historical accuracy and a special artistic finish that gives the ancient stories a modern look for today’s media.

God filled the Bible with emotional stories with eternal impact. Stories that speak of the lives broken and redeemed. Stories that demonstrate how much an infinite God cares for individuals. These stories are dramatized versions of real women from biblical times.


Rahab is a story of a poor and outcast prostitute living life on the edge of a fortress city. With an invading army marching toward the city, Rahab has nothing to lose, and puts her life on the line for a truth that cannot be denied. A new faith in a new and different God.


Ruth is the story of a widow in ancient times. With no children and no husband she is worthless. Even though Ruth has nothing, she has to give up all she holds familiar to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi back to Naomi’s land and people.


Tamar is a widow twice over, with no children, no future and nowhere to belong. When promises are broken, Tamar breaks all social norms to get what is due her. She goes too far and people want her dead, but God has a promise and a future that will not allow her to be broken.


Bathsheba is the story of life revived from death. A wife, a widow, a mother, a queen. Life spins out of control and she finds herself in the center of royal intrigue in the court of David the King. Bathsheba, being swept along in a game of power, suffers much, but God’s love and mercy is greater than all the deceit and pain. God’s mercy does not fail.