missionary associates at imm


missionary associates at imm

serve for a year, be changed for life.


As a ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions (USA), IMM partners with full-time missionaries and missionary associates who serve for 1-2 years at our headquarters in Spain. 

You don't have to be a media professional to be used at IMM. We have short-term assignments available for everything from accounting to graphic design to office management. Come see what it's like to use your passion to serve the Kingdom of God.

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There are dozens of opportunities to have a lasting impact as part of our growing team.

Missions is a team effort. The Missionary Associate (MA) program allows you to serve with us for up to two years while you partner with our ministry and are mentored by one of our missionaries. All of our staff raise their financial budgets before joining the team in Madrid.

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You will grow spiritually in unimaginable ways. God will show you things you didn’t know you could do.
— Luke Shepherd

Serve God with your passion. 

What has God uniquely created you to do? By becoming an MA at IMM, you can use the talents God has given you as part of a team that is reaching millions with the Gospel. Missionary Associates are full members of our team, serving in integral roles throughout our ministry. 

Be stretched beyond your limits.

Without a doubt, your time as an MA at IMM will unleash things from inside you that you didn't even know were there. You will be encouraged to develop and grow in multiple areas, all while having an impact for the Kingdom of God. 

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