This was the view from a “high place” in Turkey we visited recently. The closer shot shows several minarets of mosques. The official religion there is Islam.

One of our delivery partners there is on a government owned satellite. They are getting good news and hope in Jesus out into the airwaves. They don’t know from one day to the next if they will be allowed to operate.

Christians represent on .2 % of the 79 million people calling Turkey home. It’s important that they know they are not alone. A lot of Christians are leaving Turkey and it isn’t clear what the future will be there. They need to know that God is with them no matter what. It’s important for truth to go into places that are hard to reach.

At the conference, we heard that everyone in the Middle East has access to television and it is part of their culture. It is on in the background and scenes of daily life. Even when satellites are forbidden or confiscated people just buy another one. They want to know what is happening outside their region. Many women and children are isolated in closed homes and this is their connection to the world.

When we climbed this historic citadel, I looked down at the roofs and the hundreds of satellite dishes all crowded around the symbol of Islam in the minarets. It brought this fact to life for me. People are looking around and seeking more than what they have locally.

What a privilege for IMM videos to be part of programming that goes on the air to share God’s love to people who are seeking answers! Please stand with us in prayer and in giving to reach the many families and hearts represented by all these satellite dishes.