Our next guests are a very special couple… Mark and Susie Purkey.

Mark and Susie have been Evangelists since the 80’s. They have traveled the world bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to all who will listen. When they aren't traveling for their evangelistic efforts, Susie directs the Oklahoma District Council of the Assembly of God’s Women’s Ministries.

As the OKAG’s WM Director, Susie has helped promote and raise funds to help IMM’s “Women of the Bible” series move forward and be translated into more languages.

While they were recently at IMM, they led our weekly staff devotional giving a great word of encouragement and prayer. It's not too often that people come out of their way to come here and pray for us in the community where we live. This was a very powerful day for our team. Not only that, but Mark and Susie brought gifts for our three Oklahoma MK’s.

Thank you, Mark and Susie, for coming to visit!

We wish every IMM partner could stop by and see us! So, if you're ever in the neighborhood, give us a call.