After 22 years on the field in Russia – mostly as a single missionary – plowing new ground and planting new ministries far from colleagues, I was more than a little leery of joining an established ministry in a “reached” nation. However, as I learned more about the vision and purpose behind IMM to put Jesus on Every Screen, in particular in the Muslim world, I could see why God would bring us here for such a time as this.

Also, God gave me and my husband two beautiful toddlers while we were home itinerating the last year and a half. I find myself in a new season of life. I wasn’t sure how I could contribute to the ministry within the limited time and energy I have left after meeting my kids’ needs. Plus, media isn’t my gifting. It's my husbands! But even before we arrived on the field, I was offered the opportunity to mentor incoming associates. I have enjoyed sharing my years of experience and encouraging others in the time I do have available.

With small children, it is such a blessing to have a community and built-in fellowship, especially at the beginning. I’m so thankful that we aren’t having to go it alone, and that I can make a substantial contribution despite my time limitations and my different gifts.