Having lived in Spain going on four years now, I find there are things I miss from my home that I just can’t get here.  I’ve asked for peanut butter, jeans, A1 steak sauce, and software. But I can’t get EVERYTHING I want or miss, so I have to make some concessions.  Usually, it comes down to what won’t get held up in customs.  A couple of Christmases ago, a dear friend tried to send lefse (Norwegian potato pancake) in the mail.  It got held up for three weeks and had to get pitched! Sometimes the miracle of modern shipping disappoints. 

You might remember the scene in Back to the Future II when Marty receives a Western Union package sent 80 years beforehand! I love the magic of thinking of the faith Doc had in a post system that the letter would arrive!!!

In the book of Acts 2:38-39, we see that the Church was promised salvation through Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit, a remarkable promise that they’d been awaiting for generations. If you catch in verse 39, it says “this promise is to you, to your children, and to those far away.” Not only did these favored Jews have access to this gift- but future generations and non-Jews alike.  Peter and the other apostles who were present that day knew that their work to share this good news would last far beyond that day.

Today in every corner of the globe, followers of Jesus are sharing this Gospel because they know it didn’t end with the biblical generation. At International Media Ministries, we continue to craft stories for those “a long way off.”  For those in places urban and rural; dangerous and safe; peaceful and war-torn— knowing it brings salvation just as it did in the days of Acts.

Unlike some of our modern mail delivery systems, the hope we hold onto through faith does not disappoint.  We can trust that God is who he says he is and faithful to reach to the most unreachable places, so all can hear!