It’s interesting that when we first were thinking about missions (10 years ago) we went on the AGWM website to see what needs there were in Europe.  IMM came up. I asked Cliff “What on earth would we do there?”  In my mind, I was thinking you had to be knowledgeable just about media, editing, camera work or filming.  Boy was I wrong!  Those are very important areas of need for IMM but there are so many other areas of help IMM needs.  IMM is housed in a large facility. They need help with maintenance, logistics, administration, organization, costuming, props, make-up, drivers to drive people to and from the airport and to shoot locations.

We have been with IMM now about 3 years.  Both Cliff and I help in many different ways.  From maintenance of the building to logistics, administration, helping build/paint props for films, applying make-up on actors and costuming actors (a brand new learning experience for me)! We have been challenged and stretched but have enjoyed the experiences and have learned we can do more than we ever thought we could! So if you are considering coming on the mission field and want to be a part of an exciting, life-changing ministry but are not sure what you could do, be encouraged that we can probably use your many gifts and talents here at IMM!

We have had the privilege of being able to help with 2 productions — Bathsheba and the current Heritage Project. I have been deeply impacted by the stories of these men and women in the Heritage Project who faithfully served the Lord and were willing to die for their faith. The Perpetua story especially had an impact on me. A while ago while doing my devotions I read in Psalm 45:17, "I will perpetuate your memory through all generations; therefore the nations will praise you forever and ever." As we have worked on the Perpetua story and delved deep into the story — gathering costumes, creating props to help recreate the story — it became a part of us and made us all think about those martyred for their faith. Their walk with Christ still impacts us today! The name Perpetua means to perpetuate - to carry on, continue, preserve, keep alive!  By retelling this story (which was recorded in a diary she kept while in prison), we are perpetuating "the memory through all generations"!  This docudrama will be seen by the nations!  Here at IMM, Cliff and I are honored to be a small part of perpetuating the memory of Christ through all generations and to the nations!