This week, Cliff and I cut out soles for a few sets of prop shoes. We had to do this to make the shoe’s safe for the actors to wear during the Heritage Project. One thing that I’m noticing is that there is always something else that we need. It could be some sort of a prop that we need to make, a tool, and sometimes it's software. It takes all types of resources to get some of the jobs we have to do completed.


For example, we started out cutting the soles for these shoes out of carpet squares with a pair of tin snips. It was taking a long time to cut each sole and really hurt our hands. Then I remembered that I brought my carving Dremel with me. Once we started using that, we cut out about one sole per 10 to 15 minutes. After cutting out two pairs of soles, I thought to myself, “All I need is a Bandsaw.” With a bandsaw, the whole job would have been completed in about 20 minutes.

Think about it. When you think about your job, hobby, or whatever you do to pass the time what is that one thing that comes to mind when you say “All I need is a… (fill in the blank)!” This week, for me, the answer is a bandsaw. Next week, only God knows what we will need.

The cool thing is that when we truly need something to help further the Gospel, God always provides it. Now, we really don’t need a bandsaw. That’s more of a want, not a need. But when it comes to having the tools to build props, scout locations, find actors, sewing costumes, doing makeup, the filming equipment, and having the right editing software God always provides what we truly need to use media to share the Gospel.

Philippians 4:19, "And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus."