Fernando loves dinosaurs. He also believes in evolution.

Easter is a big event in Spain. There are processionals to represent Jesus walking to Calvary, but it’s very solemn and ritualistic. Fernando doesn’t like the ritual of going to church and the things you must do, especially confession.

Once a week, I teach English to young Spaniards. Just like young kids anywhere, they are very impressionable. Since this week starts spring break for most of them we do Easter-themed games and activities in class. It was at this point Fernando told me he believes “we came from monkeys.”

They know I’m a missionary, so I was easily able to explain that I believe what the Bible says. We talked about how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. I told him I think dinosaurs did exist, but based on the Bible, the Earth isn’t that old. Of course, he strongly disagreed and moved on with “I don’t like going to church because I don’t like having to confess every little thing I’ve said or done. It doesn’t change anything.” He went on to say it doesn’t make sense that we have to confess to a person.

My response was simple: “I believe all you have to say is ‘Jesus, I’m sorry, please forgive me’.” His immediate response was, “That's so much easier than going to confess!”

Please pray I am able to show these kids that Jesus is accessible without the need for ritual!