We just came off of a miniature fundraising cycle in January-February (normally 13 month or more). It's amazing how this missions life continues to stretch us after more than 10 years. You might think you're getting the hang of it, and just then it changes. 

My expectations of two month of fundraising were very blurry. I knew instinctively it wasn't sufficient time from a financial perspective, but God often has other plans in these situations. The journey became about saying thank you to those who have been so faithful for so many years. What a beautiful thing!

The journey, much to my surprise, also became about talking to young people about International Media Ministries and how sometimes you start life with one career path in mind and God does some fancy footwork that surprises you along the way. 

My husband Kerry and I started our career paths in secular journalism. We find ourselves delighted and humbled at the journey that has brought us all the way to full time missions, video, and IMM. 

So, we got to share these ideas and more at a Chi Alpha Salt Gathering of secular students in the southern midwest. That was one that debunked the grand illusions of going to serve and finding out your mission involves A LOT of personal growth.

We shared online in an introduction to Global Missions class at the School of Urban Missions Bible College and Theological Seminary. It was a time of telling our journey as it changed, and about God's use of media in many parts of the world.

We shared in a film class at Evangel University and in several digital media courses at Valley Forge University. I'm excited to see how God moves in young lives who are inspired to turn missions on it's head and look at it from different angles -- including media!