For the time being, I am handling the coordination of all of our production activities here in Spain, as well as those that take place outside of our facilities here.

I am so thankful for two gigantic projects that are seeing the light of day.  "En Apatia" is being shown in cinemas here in Spain and choices about other distribution opportunities are being considered. Rahab, which was filmed in 2012 is nearing the end of post-production and will reach audiences this fall.

In July, a friend of IMM, Gary Wilkinson, is coming from the U.K. to film some pieces for his documentary covering the history of Easter. He hopes this piece will inform folks in many cultures about the myths, legends and traditions of this holiday, but also will ultimately point them to Jesus! He will be here for about a week beginning July 7th. Pictured below is Kerry Godwin prepping flats for the set: 

We also have a couple of short-term folks from the states coming to help with these July projects as well as to bring some of our older projects into usable mediums, so they can continue to live on and share Christ in many languages and cultures.

Please pray for IMM that people and resources will continue to faithfully appear as needed for these projects and the ones later in the year. (We are going to be doing 8 more short videos for the Arab World as well as Tamar for the “Women of the Bible” series).

I am so thankful to be a part of a wonderful team not only of producers, but also those who pray and give to see this media share Christ with those yet unreached!