IMM has been in existence as a ministry for 30 years. In that time literally hundreds of people have pass through IMMs doors and studios to lend their talents to the development and distribution of content which has touched millions of lives around the world. In addition, these same people have given of themselves in training others in media production skills. Thus multiplying the effect of reaching people with a message of hope in their heart language.

Here is a brief video of just some of those people who have served and some of the examples of what they created.


Alumni Reunion: a special gathering of wonderful folks.

On June 25th,  sixty-three people came together to celebrate the combined efforts of hundreds who served at IMM in both Brussels and in Madrid over the past 30 years.

Folks traveled from as far away as Virginia, Michigan, and Minnesota to participate.

We were honored to have the founding director David Lee to share a few thoughts along with John Merrell, Director from 2001 to 2009.

People shared memories during an open microphone session led by Henry Marsh.

When it was all over, many asked when we might be able to do this again. We want to acknowledge our special thanks to those who served on the planning committee for this event: Former IMM staff, Ron Marsh, Ron and Mary Martens and Sandy Askew.